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Why Should I Pay to Volunteer?

This is a FAQ on Volunteer website!

However Volunteer Alliance isn't like every other Volunteer website.

If you volunteer through a Volunteer Placement Organization it can cost several thousand dollars for stays as short as two weeks with little choice or flexibility. This is because Volunteer Placement Organizations charge administration fees for making the connection, similar to a recruiter.

With Volunteer Alliance you can volunteer directly, at the same Community Based Organization, for as little as $50 per week.

Note that it does still cost to volunteer. Just like if you were at home, there are living expenses, such as food, accommodation and transport. Most Community Based Organizations cannot afford to pay for your living expenses - even if you are working for free. Community Based Organizations set their own prices according to how much it costs to host you as a Volunteer. The Community Based Organization will tell you what this cost includes on their profile. As standard, costs do not include Flights, Visas, Vaccinations, Insurance, and spending money.

And unlike Volunteer Placement Organizations, Volunteer Alliance does not charge you an administration fee. Instead Volunteer Alliance includes a Volunteer Service fee in each transaction in exchange for operating the Volunteer connection program and related services.

Please be reasonable with Community Based Organizations. Most Community Based Organizations do not have the resources to pay for you. This is why they are asking for Volunteers!