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Childcare / Children
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1 week
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True Africa Development
The problems affecting Ugandans and Africa at large are due to development challenges.

With this in mind, development of societies, communities and the continent should start from bottom to up. Solving most people's problems or challenges can easily lead to development of communities.

The youth who make up over 75% of the population are poor and/or even lack direction in life due to ignorance on certain opportunities. This is excercerbated by illiteracy. Hence mind building is much needed through sensitization and guidance. Africans as a whole have failed to find use or importance in their cultures and environment and thus end up misusing it.

Women and girls are also much affected and left out in development process yet they contribute highly to development of societies since most societies depend on farming.

The education system is poor, agriculture, health sector, moral decay and among others continue to plague African nations. There are services in place but people can't easily access them and others find no use in them. In order to fight poverty and unemployment people must be shaped in a way of the welcoming development process and even engaged.

True Africa Development (TAD) is poised to enable the un-abled speak for the silenced ones. TAD reaches to everyone own up to the challenge and works hand-in-hand with different individuals, organizations, companies and government institutions for betterment of communities in liu of development. TAD operates in different sectors were there is need.
Childcare / Children, Education, Women
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