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Withdraw Full Account Balance

  • Once you have over US$100 in your Volunteer Alliance account, you can choose to Withdrawal.
  • When you elect to make a Withdrawal, the funds in your account will be paid into your nominated bank or PayPal account, less the Withdrawal Fee.
  • After you Withdrawal, it will take some additional time for the money to arrive into your account, depending on your payment processor. The average processing time is 7-10 business days for withdraw from your Volunteer Alliance Account.
  • Note that many banks do not process transactions on weekends or holidays. Therefore, a payout released between Friday and Sunday might not be processed until Monday, and longer for international transfers. It's also possible for a processor to experience technical issues or for other extenuating circumstances to occur that could cause your Withdrawal to take longer than usual to arrive. Volunteer Alliance takes no responsibility for delays in Withdrawals made through third party payment providers.
  • There is a Withdrawal Fee each time you Withdrawal.
  • You are limited to 1 Withdrawal per calendar month.