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Meet the Team


Brian Somers

Brian started Volunteer Alliance after returning home from a volunteering trip in 2007 at the African Childcare Center. He manages the website and the organization legal stuff. In his professional life he works in the solar energy industry helping people around the world power their lives with sunshine at Standard Microgrid. He lives in Johannesburg, South Africa and likes to spend his free time riding bikes, kickboxing, skateboarding, and tinkering on his car and mopeds.   



Cameron West

Cameron has been with Volunteer Alliance since the end of 2009. After Brian pitched the idea over 2-10 jugs of sangria on holiday, Cameron joined the team almost immediately. On the side, Cameron manages Pro Training Programs, offering the best professional sports training programs on the interwebs, and Blinds in Print, turning the humble, one colour roller blind, from a fitting to a feature of your home or office. With Volunteer Alliance, he manages the Marketing and Outreach. Cameron loves the NBA (despite living in Australia), Google, starting new websites and working on Volunteer Alliance late while listening to bad pop.




Meet our Volunteer Alliance Ambassadors

Volunteer Alliance Ambassadors are super volunteers who represent Volunteer Alliance for various regions around the world.

Contact Ambassadors through Volunteer Alliance to learn about volunteering in their region or for help using Volunteer Alliance. They're here to help! To contact an Ambassador click here.

If you have volunteered before, Become an Ambassador to support the Causes, Communities and Organizations that your love.