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Organization Review

Overall Experience: 
My wife and I spent a month as volunteers at Mount Camdeboo. Our time there was filled with numerous special moments spent soaking in the timeless Karoo vistas and the host of biodiversity they contain. This is not to mention the welcoming warmth and hospitality we received front the Mount Camdeboo staff! Days filled with bird counts, game monitoring, tracking cheetahs, and sampling biodiversity felt like the furthest thing from work. The volunteer activities inspired in us a deeper passion for the unique fauna and flora of Mount Camdeboo as we understood the contribution of our work to wildlife conservation on the reserve and the broader scientific knowledge base in South Africa. The volunteer experience surpassed our expectations as we were able to appreciate both the enigmatic and cryptic species in the area - from giraffe and cheetah to rare orange baboon spiders and other secretive Karoo gems. After a long day of 'work' we were able to enjoy home cooked Karoo food around a warm fire under the plethora of stars marking the night sky. We would recommend the volunteer experience to anyone and everyone interested in contributing to conservation in an area of South Africa you will never forget!