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Organization Review

Overall Experience: 
There are too many words about the exigence in Egypt, I even have no idea where to start. I have stayed here 2 months, but I felt like I have stayed 2 years. Sometimes I even felt like it's a dream, unreal but beautiful. I wish I could have more time to stay and work with them again. Vivian, the founder of Charismas Arts, who use her all energy and enthusiasm to make me feel like it’s my second home. I like her a lottttttt and also the country. There are too many things I need to adapt at the beginning, the weather, the food, the custom…... all of those things are totally different from my country. There is some rough time, but Vivian helps me get it very easy and makes thing beautiful. She always tried her best to take care of you, and you will never feel alone. She took me to many places to enjoy and learn the true life of Egypt which is so meaningful in my life. She also enjoys introducing all her friends to me that I felt be loved here. I miss everyone and love them a lot. I always miss the time here, and I even told my friend that I even miss the sun in Egypt which I hated a lot when I was there……. Egypt is such a beautiful country. Actually, it’s not the one I expected before I came, but Egypt shows me her charm later. The people are kind and simple here, the country may not rich, but the people’s heart is rich. Vivian is such a good friend, you can’t expect more from her. She is not like a boss and be aggressive, she always asks people’s opinions and make everyone feels good. Back to the project itself, it’s the reason I gave 4 rather than 5. It’s our first time to be a volunteer and host a volunteer, so that there are many things that we need to learn from each other. There is little misunderstanding between us, but communication helps a lot. Different culture, different background, but our friendship solved everything. I do hope I could do more here, to help them sell the products to the worldwide, I had a such high expectation from myself. You can’t believe how much I hope I can do this so that I will be proud of myself. But this true life, it’s not something that I control easily by myself. There are many factors that influence the sale of the product, and the product itself is the most important one. We have products, but we don’t have the details of the products, and the beautiful picture of them. We have the beautiful story of the products, but we can’t make people read it visually. It’s hard to sell something if you can’t provide the good introduction and picture of them. It took us many times to make the introduction and picture for them, but since I am not the expert in this part so that the outcome is not that good. I feel guilty about it. if I have more ability or I have more skills like photoshop then I can make things better. I believe this experience help both I and Vivian learned a lot from each other, also like how to be a volunteer and host a volunteer. It will be helpful if you talk with Vivian before you come to the Egypt, such as the food, the accommodation, and the most important thin g I believe is that you’d better know what you want and what they want, and then make a schedule before you come.