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Organization Review

Overall Experience: 
From March to May 2012, I spent 11 weeks in Nairobi, volunteering in Havilla Children's Centre and loved it! It was fun and challenging teaching the young children not only in terms of education, but supporting them and their families with their health and wellbeing. The wee stars were so enchanting! The teachers at the school were supportive of me and were always able to answer any questions I had. They were also very willing and open for any suggestions I had for teaching the children. There is also the opportunity to visit the family homes, with consent from the families of course. My experience involved living with a host family for the duration of my stay in Nairobi, just a short walk from Havilla. I am very glad I had this opportunity. Not only did I feel safe and welcome, but I was made to feel like part of the family. I learnt about real Kenyan family values, customs, etc and learnt that an extended group of friends are just like part of the family. I would sometimes get involved in helping with the daily running of the family home too (through choice), cooking, general helping around the house! This was a great way to learn how a Kenyan household functions. In terms of exploring around the country, there are many many places to see. Havilla Children's Centre are always available to provide information and support if you want to travel around. I had much fun and laughter with all of the people I met and I 100% recommend this project.