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Organization Review

Overall Experience: 
Volunteering in the Jungle was something very special for me. In my time off I spend everyday hiking and taking photos. I must have taken 500 photos. The lagoon is very close to the homestay. One day we took a boat ride around the entire lagoon.We also were able to go fishing and catch then cook my own Telapia from the Eco-farm where I worked. There were many waterfalls that we hiked to. Me and another volunteer spent most of my mornings working side by side with a very healthy 80 year old man named Don Juan Garcia. He shared his life’s experiences in the Jungle with me. I helped maintain various fruit trees and ate fruit that I had never seen before. We spend about one hour every day in the eco-garden where we cleaned around the vegetables and brought water up from one of the rivers that runs through the property. I also looked after horses and chickens and ducks. One day we had a project clearing trails with machetes. Another day we cleaned a river of garbage. I taught some of the village women basic sanitary. 3 days per week in the afternoon I taught private English classes to 1 boy and 2 girls. I had plenty of time off for hiking and sightseeing. I wish I could have stayed another month there was so much exploring to do. It was like an adventure or vacation but I was able to help others and learn so much. I cannot believe how I could do so much for only $ 75 per week. I needed virtually no extra money for the entire 3 month period that i was with Blue Lagoon Volunteering. I plan to return to Blue Lagoon Volunteering again next year. Many thanks to Professor Patricio and his wife Blanca !