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Organization Review

Overall Experience: 
I don't even know where to start. Honestly, I came with zero expectations because I didn't want to let myself down. But boy! 4 weeks later, I wish I could stay just a little bit longer. The environment has gotten me so addicted to it because it's an experience like non other. Sure, you can backpack anywhere or travel to your hearts' content; but where can you get a chance to change peoples' lives in the way the need it the most? I've taught English to about 100 students (kids and adults included) in 1 month and at the end of my teaching, everyone thanked me from the bottom of their hearts for whatever little I helped with their English skills. TTW has created the most condusive environment for the learners to acquire the language in the most effective way. I thank them for the freedom they gave me to plan my lessons and conduct the class in the way I like. When I leave, I'm not leaving as a teacher; I'm leaving as a friend to all those 100 people. TTW volunteer teachers, managers, tutors and buddies made my stay even enjoyable with their warmth and love. I'm not sugarcoating anything and honestly I feel like I can never appreciate them enough. I'm sure I'm bringing a lot of Hanoi in me and with me when I leave to Malaysia. If there's another chance of me to come back to TTW, I will do it without a second thought!