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Organization Review

Overall Experience: 
My name is Thomas and I'm 19 years old. I'm a student in political science in Paris. During my free time, I'm used to play soccer with my friends, to play tennis also. I like traveling the world and discover the cultural tips of these countries. Touch the world is a non profit organization and this is the main reason why I chose Touch The World. It takes care about the Vietnamese people because in our society English is essential and Touch the World takes part in the students' education. This organization takes care about the English teacher. We are living in great conditions and it helps us to be better teachers and as the matter of act to be better humans. I found this organization thanks to a website entitled vvcd. It's a website with many programs in the world. We wanted to go in Vietnam and according to me Touch the world was the best one for what I was looking for. After teaching here, I'm going to come back in my country. I'm going to do a summer camp with kids ( 7-17 years old ). After that, I'm going to enjoy my holidays and I will go in Marocco. To sum up, I would like to express my thanks to Touch the World, this beautiful family, which took part to my individual enrichment