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Organization Review

Overall Experience: 
I joined Voluntour Africa in July 2017 for their full three weeks voluntour. From the time we were met at the airport to the drop off and everything in between went smoothly and easily. John and his team go out of their way to make sure that your experience in Africa is as authentic as it can get. The accommodation is different in any project that you join, but they were all comfortable, clean and welcoming. The accommodation at Marloth Park was by far my favourite of all. Not only is it comfy and homey, but Alison and Cor, your hosts while on that leg of the trip, are happy, knowledgable, friendly and not shy to share everything they have learned about Africa. There is full, high speed internet access at MWF and I spent many an evening watching movies on my laptop.Lunch was usually eaten with just a bite grabbed somewhere but dinners are a family affair! Everyone can buy what they will be eating but very often we would all chip in for a meal and either cook together or John would give us traditional South African braai under the stars. I had the privilege of being on project when their was a sick kudu who had an abcess on her leg in Marloth Park. We went out with the vet and other volunteers and were part of the crew that helped with the capture and then watched the procedure as well as the release. The work on all three of the projects can be physically taxing at times but it is always rewarding and i felt that when we left we left something tangible behind that would be there long after i have left Africa. IPR was one of the most rewarding and eye opening experiences with regards to exotic pets i have ever had. The ongoing work they do at IPR is invaluable to the monkeys who will spend the rest of their days in as close to the wild as they can get. Crow is a big rehabilitation centre on the outskirts of Durban where most of our time was taken with food preparation, enclosure maintenance. The activities are all very exciting and there is obviously a long standing relationship with Voluntouring Africa and their suppliers. The day that we were supposed to do the Durban city walk was a wash out with the rain, but it was no problem for them to reschedule it and they took us too uShaka Marine World for the day instead. We were lucky enough to not only see the whole big 5 (twice!) on our safari into the Kruger but we decided to go and camp in the Kruger for three days. With no electricity and just sleeping with a tent between you and wild Africa is an experience not to be missed! We all decided to do the Big Swing in Oribi Gorge, it's the highest gorge swing in the world and a proper bragging rights when you get back home (you get a certificate for bragging rights) Horse riding on the beach in St Lucia was a highlight for me as well as the traditional village we visited. I will be rejoining Voluntouring Africa in December 2017 to join them on their volunteer project based in Marloth Park for a final month before heading back to the UK. Overall experience: I cannot fault the Voluntouring Africa for anything. Everything was catered for and if there was a problem or a question they go out of their way to make sure it is sorted out. Lights can frequently go out but they are prepared with solar lights, torches and cooking on gas. Safety is a number one priority and at no time did we feel unsafe at all. A full medical kit is kept with the vehicle at all times. Be aware that mosquito repellant is necessary! There are mosquito nets but for the evenings outside insect repellant is a must!