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Volunteer Review

Overall Experience: 
Aidan, a very enthusiastic young lad, spent four weeks with Shiddat in our healthcare internship programme. He was part of of 3-4 hospitals with their daily medical rounds, clinical procedures and ambulance runs in the outskirts of the city. He was a keen learner who was learning much from his peers. Apart from the hospitals, he had also spared his free time to teach rhymes, english and games to the children from lower income communities. As he returned from a hard day of learning at the hospital, he was greeted with ample Indian cuisine from his host family during his stay of four weeks. The host family expressed great delight in hosting him and were glad to be in his company. He had also picked up the Hindi language during his stay along with helping his host family whip up dishes in the kitchen We at Shiddat are very glad to have had the company of Aidan and wish him success in his endeavors.