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Organization Review

Overall Experience: 
Fayes International Volunteer Hostel was one of the most incredible experiences me and my teenage boys have ever experienced!!! We just came back from spending 2 months in South Africa. Upon arrival which was very late, we where greated with open arms and a hot, delicious meal that was waiting specially for us. After dinner and a warm welcome conversation we unpacked in our "suite" with a full kitchen, which I never used once, because the food Faye provided for breakfast and dinner was a delectable feast, with something new and exciting every day. The food was so good, I gained 10 pounds! At every meal we had the great company of Faye and her wonderful husband Aslam. They are both so knowledgable about the history of the country and have every detail of whatever you could decide to to in the country. They are so helpful that they even wanted to take us places in our time off from volunteering. Faye is so well connected that she can hook you up with any kind of volunteering experience that you want. The cost is an incredible value!! Worth every penny and much more! The kindness, warmth, knowledge and friendship Faye and Aslam extended towards us and all the other volunteers there is something we will remember and cherish forever, an experience we will never forget thanks to this wonderful Family!!!!!!