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Organization Review

Overall Experience: 
First, I would like to thank Brian and his team for their kindness and generous support. My stay in Cape Town was a wonderful experience. I have traveled abroad volunteering with different organization, but nothing could compare to my experience with Faye and Aslam, they were like family to me, and yes she is a terrific caterer and cook so you do get the largest piece of the pie, however, if you are on a diet, watch out because Faye loves to feed you and enjoys seeing you eat. I am much older then my host family so we called ourselves the "Golden Girls." Aslam is special in his own way, we just enjoy each others company. I must say I got more out of this placement our homestead then one can imagine. If one is comtemplating on visiting SA, please take my word don't hesitate staying with Faye and Aslam will be the best decision you can" make, and when you leave you will have left a big part of yourself with them. Yes, your life will change for ever. I give this homestead a perfect ***** nothing less. I miss Aslam words of Wisdom.