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VolunteerAlliance.org will close at the end of March 2019 - Volunteer with Omprakash.org instead!

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Organization Review

Overall Experience: 
I came from the UK and volunteered with Kenosis Foundation for 1 month in Bangalore, India. I taught computer and life skills to disadvantaged young adults aged 18-25 years old. This included the basics of hardware, software, typing, Microsoft Office, security, and the internet. I also taught the students how to prepare their CV, and how to perform well in an interview. When I first arrived at the centre, there were some technical issues with three of the computers, but I was able to resolve these within the first day. I enjoyed teaching the students, and they were all keen to learn during my lessons. This made delivering the content enjoyable. My biggest issue that I faced was the language barrier between me and some of the students. This meant I had to remember to speak more slowly and clearly. There was also usually another member of staff available to translate for me when necessary. I also had to learn how to plan and deliver lessons, as this was my first time teaching. On some days, the student attendance was poor, which was a little demotivating. My living arrangement was with Issac, the founder of Kenosis Foundation, near to the teaching centre. His wife and daughter also lived at the house. The house was a little too small for 4 people, although I did get my own room. Laundry facilities were also lacking, and I had to wash all my clothing by hand. I was, however, provided with plentiful and delicious food throughout my stay. Issac’s only transportation was a motorcycle, which I wasn't particularly happy about, as the driving standard is very poor in India. I feel that this program was very rewarding overall, and I would recommend it to other people who want to make a difference in India. Areas for improvement are the accommodation, transportation, and training before the project. I was given minimal training before I started, and I feel that some online training before I came to India would have been helpful. I was provided with some material to base my lessons on, and this was very useful.


Kenosis Foundation

"A Journey to India to make a difference We from Kenosis thank Robert van den Bogaerde from England, UK to explore the rest of Indian continents as he supported our youth project in Bangalore city.. Amazing job by Rob van den Bogaerde done to Kenosis Foundation (KF) and therefore, we KF immensely delighted to say " A Big Thank" to our amazing personality and pleasing nature of Rob van den Bogaerde for being with us from 18th January 2016 to 18 Feb 2016 with Kenosis Foundation, Bangalore, India. We heard him speaking out that " He never been a teacher nor dreamed about it before he came to India to work with us Kenosis Foundation, Based in Bangalore, in the state of Karnataka, south part of Tamilnadu". On behalf of the Kenosis Foundation and Board of Trustees, I would like to personally thank you for your recent contribution of time to teach computer and IT skills training to our youth, CV and interview skills, life skills to youths, who are underprivileged, unemployed, unskilled and school drop-outs, aged between 18 to 25 years, Hebbagodi, in Bangalore sub-urban, in the state of Karnataka, south part of India. We extend manpower to our own projects as well as for those organizations lack manpower(volunteers and Interns), financial resources or otherwise. We are thankful for his time and skills devoted full-time volunteering to teach and empower needy and train unskilled become skilled young people. This support from Rob van den Bogaerde has been a great generosity to bring in quality of education for underprivileged and drop outs of rural and urban youths through our Kenosis Foundation collaboration and network. Our mission is to build a better life of the poorest of the poor has been achieved by your presence, sharing information, knowledge and skills as you contributed your times. We value your time and skills for a month dated from 18 January 2016 to 18 February 2016. This event could not have been a success without the dedication and hard work of people like you. The pictures can speak a lots about his presence and the work of Kenosis Foundation in India. Project Visits & Cultural Trip - India: He also had a variety of opportunities to learn about our village based projects we work with women and children in the south part of Tamilnadu, India. We drove by car through lushly green and thick forest covered with hilly mountains, where we work with indigenous people of women in groups and children to support micro-credit , livelihood, financial independence among women in groups, educational sponsorship for orphan girl children, after school village based tuition program. He enjoyed and learned different culture, attended wedding in the villages, and village festivals, trip to Kaveri called as "Hogenekkal" waterfalls, enjoyed delicious food offered by local people and host family, and visited beneficiaries family to know more about their backgrounds. After his stay in Bangalore, he started exploring other parts of India, such as silk and sandalwood city of Mysore, coastal area of Kerala, Goa, Chennai, and north part of India and the rest of different continents of India. We indeed need your continuous supports by sharing more about us, writing testimony on social networks and share our post and groups with you friends and other contacts help to get more response for volunteering with us. This can really supports our cause. If anyone interested to volunteer and support financially, please contact us. For more details about volunteering opportunities, program fee, food and accommodation, etc, please see the page on volunteers Alliance web. If you are ready and decided, apply now With Best Wishes, Program Director and Admin Kenosis Foundation, Bangalore, Karnataka State, India.