VolunteerAlliance.org will close at the end of March 2019 - Volunteer with Omprakash.org instead!
VolunteerAlliance.org will close at the end of March 2019 - Volunteer with Omprakash.org instead!

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Organization Review

Overall Experience: 
Hi, I am an Australian girl in my early 20's who is currently in the 2nd half of a 6-week long volunteering period at Build Your Future Today (BFT). I am here with 3 of my friends and we are all finding it to be an incredible experience! I came to Cambodia for the first time in January, 2012. Immediately, I knew I wanted to return here to volunteer and work with these amazing people towards creating a positive future for their country. I spent quite a lot of time researching and contacting various organisations which offered volunteering opportunities. My friends and I are so fortunate we ended up coming and working with BFT. BFT aims to improve the lives of young Cambodians through providing them with access to education & basic health services. The work BFT has already done, what they are currently doing & their goals for the future are simply amazing & inspirational. Sedtha, the founder & director of BFT, is an incredible man with an amazing story. His story includes escaping from the Khmer Rouge, during which he helped many children who were orphaned & homeless, then adopting these children upon return to Cambodia. He has continued to care for underprivileged children throughout his whole life- his family home also acts an an orphanage for children who would otherwise have nothing. Sedtha & BFT does incredible work in remote villages. They "adopt" villages over a 4-year period, during which they build & start up schools, mother-child centers, implement basic health care & provide individual families with opportunities to learn skills which help them become productive & self-sufficient. The transformation that occurs is life changing for every member of the village. BFT is currently assisting up to 25 remote villages, but unfortunately there are many more that need our help. Volunteering with BFT is so incredibly rewarding. The work you do here will really make a difference. From what I have seen, every volunteer has been able to contribute something different and help out in their own way. Every volunteer I have met since being at BFT has either extended thier time here, made plans/intended to return, or both, myself included! Finally, there is no fee for volunteering with BFT- unlike many organisations who seem to charge a lot! There are many safe, comfortable & cheap guesthouses or hostels in the Siem Reap area, which can provide great accommodation options during your time volunteering. Cheers, Rachel