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Organization Review

Overall Experience: 
It's a very good time here. The teaching experience is wonderful, and the community is nice. If there's anything I think people should know, I think that it's quite tight quarters. Expect to share a room and bathroom with 2-3 people, which is entirely the norm for Vietnam. The classes take place in the living room, so sometimes students are in the apartment. Expect to teach 7-8 classes a week, with 2 days off being the norm. With that being said, Ms. Hay is flexible and if you ask her for a certain block of days off, she is entirely willing to let you have them. She and the team cook great food for lunch and dinner, and breakfast is usually a mixture of bread and fruit. This is a great program if you need teaching experience for a job later on, or if you'd like a cheap way to see Vietnam. Thank you for the wonderful experience Ms. Hay! Also, all the volunteers I lived with are now close friends.