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Organization Review

Overall Experience: 
My experience at Jabulani was nothing short of incredible. I spent four weeks volunteering through Global Vision International (GVI) from the end of October 2010 till November 2010. Going into the trip I had a lot on my mind considering I was traveling for the first time overseas, to a new country, and all by myself. None of those factors really ever came into play in a negative way. From the beginning of my stay till the end I was completely supported, both at the GVI house and at Jabulani. Cynthia, Roland, their family and staff were caring, insightful, and incredibly patient while I became accustomed to the work and pace of Jabulani. They were also great leaders and instructors when it came to learning ways to guide and instruct the children. As for the kids at Jabulani, there was certainly no shortage of energy and enthusiasm between them, at times that was challenging but it never out weighed the joy and laughter they could bring out at any moment. I can easily say that my stay in Fish Hoek, and work at Jablunai, was one of the greatest exeperiences I in my life. I am incredibly fortunate to have had that opportunity and I would highly recommend a trip to anyone considering it.