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Organization Review

Overall Experience: 
If I could give more than 5... I spent nearly one year in south Africa, in the children home called Sinakekele children. The place is not far away from durban, in verulam. I found the nursery by Internet. With Ruth Grobler we wrotte each other for few weeks before our coming. I left with Noé, an other french guy. This experience totally changed my vision or love and life. I fell in love with the place, with the hope that this place and people closed To the nursery gave. I discovered who I was, how I was able To love also. These children and there laugh, look, smile and love changed me. I learnt with them and with all the parents, with Ruth, Denise, Mickey, Kirsten, Lauren, Angela To give the best because giving let me receive so much. Three years later, my bedroom, my Phone or my flat still full of pictures. Pictures of the year which changed my life. When I went back to France, I was lost. Finally I created an association to continue my volunteering , far from south Africa but so closed by feelings. We still Act for the nursery by events in France which let us send some money. Because we could not do nothing after this amazing year. It was not always easy but what we lived , what we discovered, what we learnt about us and about others is not descriptible. I encourage everyone to engaged himself in a volunteering experience. It definitely changed me, that is why I changed my studies when I get back to learn how help people who need help. And now I can't wait to finish and go back to africa.