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Organization Review

Overall Experience: 
I went in Uganda last year February to volunteer with The ABA Foundation. They had begun distributing insecticide treated mosquito nets to people in Internally Displaced Peoples Camps in the Northern Uganda. I was happy to work on this project for the two weeks I spend in Uganda. The nets were being given to children under five, pregnant mothers and other vulnerable groups. Uganda was considered to have the highest rate of Malaria transmission in the region, with an average of 1,565 mosquito bites per person per year, according to the UNICEF report that was issued early last year!. Surprisingly, some people used the nets as wedding gowns instead of protecting themselves against the Anopheles mosquito, a vector that carries Malaria! Uganda’s Minister for health said “while other countries had been able to drastically reduce or eliminate cases of Malaria, 15 people die of the disease every day”. However, efforts made by ABA Foundation saved a lot of lives and the ABA Foundation were able to defeat the enemy in name of mosquitoes that used to kill innocent Ugandans. Each Malaria death represented a needless loss, an unacceptable loss, when we knew it could be prevented. And in the fight against the disease, we deployed our biggest weapons there!! ABA Foundation helped me manage the challenge of taking myself out of my comfort zone. It made me realise that I can do anything. It gave me communication and team leading skills. I feel like I can contribute to the world now. It’s such an amazing scheme. It’s not just about the ‘big picture’ of getting rid of the Anopheles mosquito, a vector that carries Malaria; it’s also about the individuals you meet. I would tell anyone like me to believe in themselves, and that they can do it. But the feeling of achievement you get is worth all the difficult times!