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Organization Review

Overall Experience: 
I first volunteered at Sinakekele in 2007 for 10 months. I took care of 4 toddlers as the organization was in the process of a new premises. It was a great experience for me as I was young in the transition period of not knowing what to do in the future and helped me grow as an individual. Although I was not there to see the organization actually move into their new premises I was able to see it when I returned in 2013. Over the period of 2013- 2015 I would come and go to Sinakekele and able to help out where I could. It is a lovely farm in a beautiful area with the Indian Ocean off in the distance. If you love the quiet away from the city, but also want to do something to make a difference in the world then I highly recommend volunteering at Sinakekele. You will definitely leave a different person and will truly make a difference in the lives of babies and toddlers who need the affection and attention that you could provide.