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Organization Review

Overall Experience: 
I volunteered with Ungweru for 3 weeks and stayed at their hostel. Everyone I met during my time in Malawi was really welcoming. As for the accommodation, I always felt very comfortable during my stay. The bedroom, bathroom and kitchen were very clean, plus the office and hostel are in a really good location near town. With Ungweru, I was able to go out to the field with staff members to overlook the different projects they are working on. I helped them create a data collection tool to measure the progress and success of one of their projects. I also provided training on how to maintain social media accounts, and wrote a small grant proposal for a tree nursery project. The organization also has a computing school where I assisted as a teacher in the afternoons. Also, on weekends they were very good at organizing different activities such as going to Nkhata Bay, which is beautiful and only 45 minutes away, and on a safari at Vwaza National Park where we got to see hippos and elephants. Overall, I had a great experience with Ungweru. I got to learn a lot about the challenges these communities are facing and what is being done about it.