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Organization Review

Overall Experience: 
My volunteering during the summer 2015 with Safisha Africa was the greatest experience I’ve ever had. Alice, the director is an impressive and hard working women who runs by herself a lovely education project for poor children and orphans in Nairobi, Kenya. I had a great experience teaching English and Math to baby and nursery class. I had the challenge to find new ways to attract the children attention to improve their learning. This included adding games, stories and dance to our daily sharing. The kids are full love and gratitude. There is so much I learn about myself while sharing with them. But, the experience was not only about the school, but how I got to interact as a family with a set of other volunteers. This was also very exiting! I had the privilege to share with 5 other volunteers from other nationalities, and to learn about their cultures, backgrounds, interests, even to share trips and safaris!. One of the thing I enjoyed the most was to share every single night the delicious dinner prepared by Alice with all my new Kenyan family. I definitely recommend Safisha Africa because it is a genuine project which needs all kinds of support, no matter your age, nationality or occupation. Safisha is about giving away the best you have for kids who definitely will improve their chances in life with your work, and is also about receiving all the love and good energy, that Alice, her family, the group of 65 kids, and the other volunteers are willing to offer.