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Organization Review

Overall Experience: 
I started at VCV at the end of March, and am staying until the end of May. I have absolutely loved this experience and do not have a bad word to say about my time here. I was instantly welcomed into the VCV family by ms Hay, her Vietnamese helpers and other teacher volunteers. It was my first time ever teaching English as a second language, but I had all the help and resources I could hope for. Apart from being very nervous in my first week, I soon got into the flow of teaching and planning my own lessons. Ms Hay is a very dedicated, generous and thoughtful person, who always wants to look after her teachers and students. She cooks amazing food, which I'd consider to be the best in Vietnam. The day trips that we are lucky enough to go on every week, are amazing experiences for us and a chance for some of the students to converse in English outside of a classroom setting. I would recommend anyone spending some time here to teach and experience the Vietnamese culture. I will miss VCV very much indeed, and plan to visit ms Hay in the future.