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Organization Review

Overall Experience: 
After researching Fair Services online, the program seemed like it was everything I wanted - working with kids, living in a homestay, and being in an awesome city however the program went above and beyond what I had ever expected. From the time I stepped off the plane (where John picked us up from the airport) until I left 4 weeks later, everyone at Fair Services and WaaW made my friends and I feel overwhelmingly welcome. From hosting weekly dinners to even helping us visit a clinic when we were sick, the people that run and work at Fair Services are genuinely passionate and caring. The program sets you up with a homestay and living with Carmen was great -- she was so welcoming and a fabulous cook! During the week there are activities at Fair Services such as salsa lessons and cooking classes which is a great way to meet other volunteers. The WaaW program is where I volunteered and worked from 2pm-6pm(ish). The kids are so much fun and very energetic. Elliana (who runs the program) is very nice and helpful. Volunteering at WaaW is very hands and you are involved in all the activities which was exactly what I wanted. The city of Cusco and its surrounding areas are beautiful and there is so much to do. I felt like we did a ton of different activities (visiting ruins, shopping, hiking, eating at great restaurants, going out to the bars, traveling to Machu Picchu) but still didn't have enough time for everything there is to do. I cannot give enough praise to this awesome program and city and highly recommend volunteering there!