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Organization Review

Overall Experience: 
Minga House is an incredible organization of the International Service Learning organization. Located in the small town of Chinchina and in the heart of the Colombian coffee region, they provide incredible volunteer opportunities to any visitor. Each volunteer receives a personalized volunteer package depending on the skills of the volunteer. In my case, I am a Nurse and my wife is a Teacher. They organized volunteer opportunities in clinics and healthcare for me, and in schools and English courses for my wife. We were also given opportunities to help at a dog sanctuary outside of town, teach or participate in music classes, and to learn to dance "Colombian style" salsa. They will also personalize your volunteering to the amount of time you are able to stay and volunteer. The staff are incredible bilingual speakers that help to communicate with the outside organizations and people with whom you will volunteer. The Minga House is a "hostel" right on the main plaza with hot showers, a shared tv, shared kitchen, and incredibly comfortable mattresses.