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Organization Review

Overall Experience: 
This experience has been unforgettable, I can’t put into words how eye opening this experience has been for me, I want to proceed on to adventures just as great as this. The Culture Children Passed me through, OOHh my GOD Loving and Jolly. "Uganda is a beautiful, bright and colorful place, Helping Hands 2 Vulnerable Children by Skills Project Uganda; has brought out a passion for African child and teens. To constantly feel connected and loved by everyone is a feeling I’ve never felt before anywhere else. The village [of Kiseitaka] has so much to offer, many stools, families and friendly faces. I particularly love the Drive from Jinja where i was Dwelling to Bugiri where I was working in Children, fresh fruits and nature of the climate plus the outings I was always having on Kingfisher, Sipi falls, Crested Crane Hotel among others [a well-known Hotel] everyone makes you feel so welcome. I love how cultural the main road [through Busoga Kingdom to Kenya] is, particularly how everyone wants to know you and make you welcome in the village. I really enjoyed all the activities but just wish we could have used up almost every part of our day and had less time to ourselves. My most memorable activity was the community out reaches we made while walking across Community villages and the flooded walk down through the foot paths and Varies. The houses and gardens are amazing, so much open space for everyone to socialise in. The local people have gone above and beyond for our group from cooking separate dishes to helping us wash our pants. We couldn’t be luckier to have had this team to motivate us through our journey. I am forever grateful to the staff of HH2VCBYSKP that made and shared these life changing experiences with us.