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Organization Review

Overall Experience: 
I have recently finished volunteering with blue lagoon volunteering. While I was volunteering I stayed with Patrick in his house in the town, the house was next to a river and i really enjoyed relaxing in the hammock in nature after working with the children. The food was very nice and healthy, Patrick was always asking if there was anything I wanted, if so i just had to add to the list and he would try and get it from town if it is available. Sauce where I stayed is beautiful and the locals are very friendly, the house was a short walk from the lagoon and there was a waterfall a short hike from the house. During my stay in my free time I went for runs regularly, which in combination with the healthy diet helped me to lose about 10KG. For the volunteering I was mainly involved with the sports, poetry and english portion of the program. For this Patrick combines english lessons, sports practise with other activities like poetry or where possible he works with the volunteers to help expose the children to the volunteers personal experience and skills. This was the main reason I choose to volunteer with patrick, as i found most other volunteer program would just put you in a school or program where there was very little variability. For myself my passions are Kickboxing and I am trained in sports science and nutrition so Patrick worked with me in his free time to plan what we would do with the children. We ended up putting together a summer school for the children where patrick worked with the children teaching english, then I taught kickboxing and nutrition classes for the children. Even though my Spanish is not very good this did not matter as Patrick was able to arrange a volunteer who acted as my translator who was essential to both my kickboxing and nutrition classes. While I mainly focused on the teaching during my stay, some afternoons I would help out working with the plants where I was able to learn about lots of interesting fruit and medicinal plants, we would also transplant baby trees to prepare them to be sent to needy families in other regions of Peru. The children in the program were very enthusiastic and so appreciative for all we did with them, I truly enjoyed working with them and hope I will be able to do so again in the future. I highly recommend Blue Lagoon Volunteering to anyone who wants to share their experience and work with these children and also get a chance to experience the beautiful Blue Lagoon and Peru. During my time with the program I was able to spend very little money as the program is all inclusive and because of this after I had finished with the program, I was able to explore Peru which is a beautiful country and there is so much you can see. If you think Blue Lagoon Volunteering might be for you I strongly encourage you to message Patrick to ask him any questions you may have, he is very helpful, friendly and always happy to answer any questions you may have.


Blue Lagoon Vol...

The world is a better place because of people like Joe Newitt who passionately dedicates his time and energy teaching people health, fitness and nutrition. Joe just finished a 10 week commitment with us in the Jungle of Peru sharing his time, financial resources and education to the children of The Blue Lagoon-Tarapoto. This rural farming community has a slowly growing tourist industry so the English skill the children learned through kickboxing, fitness and nutrition class created and led by Joe are priceless as was the sports equipment he financed through fundraisers before he arrive. He has made a permanent impact on this community. Joe is a dedicated, competent and gifted profession who I recommend highly in professions. Sincerely, Patrick M. Reardon Director Blue Lagoon Volunteering