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Organization Review

Overall Experience: 
I volunteered with HVO in November 2016 and loved it. Working in Kharadi was amazing, I felt very welcome in the village as I ate my meals with a family and was often invited to other people's houses to play games! A couple of the girls from the school kept me company on a daily basis and I learned some basic Hindi as they learned English. The students were well-behaved and polite and the teachers did their best to help. Naveen as co-ordinator was also great, I learned to love riding on a motorbike with him! :-)


Himalayan volun...

Thank you Jessica !! Had been a wonderful time spent with you. you had been a great person who knew how to adapt to new situation quickly. The love, dedication and effort towards the children is highly appreciable. Hope next time you come you shall be well versed in hindi and get used to lots of CHAI :)) !!!