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Organization Review

Overall Experience: 
Working on a shark conservation project has opened my eyes to many things. I was never as aware of pollution in general, fish numbers in oceans, the reproduction of marine life, the effects we can have on marine life by eating endangered species such as tuna since carrying out shark conservation. I would have been nervous swimming in shark waters but now I see them as less harmful than dogs. They are a creature that most do not understand so they are easily categorised as extremely dangerous. I would have never considered myself a fearful person but after my first diving trip I couldn’t regulate my breathing and thought I’d not be able to dive again. I was so panicked I almost gave up. This frustrated me as I had learned so much about the underworld on the project and I really wanted to see and experience it first hand in comfort. Only for Lauren sparks I would have given in and given up. She stayed with me on that dive and for a few dives after, she reassured me that my buoyancy would come in time and with experience and the worst thing to do was panic underwater and as you can imagine you can’t exactly talk underwater but she still managed to put me at ease. I owe a lot to Lauren and the dive team, she made the shark conservation project possible for me. She is the most patient, dedicated diving instructor and shark enthusiast I’ve met on my travels. It would be a great shame if she weren’t diving, and making diving possible for others and of course carrying out her passion for sharks and their protection.