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Organization Review

Overall Experience: 
What a truly incredible experience!! I stayed in Thailand from the 29/6/13-14/7/13 and had the most amazing time. The Bang Rachan area is truly beautiful and a very peaceful place to be. The Thai people are lovely and extremely friendly. Far removed from the touristy district, everyone is laid back and no one is trying to rip you off. The actual Guest house was great. The air-conditioned guest rooms are above the house where owner's Robert and Pooh live with their family. This gives you space and privacy when you need it but at the same time you are more than welcome to join in with their regular family life in the house. You never go hungry with Pooh cooking delicious authentic Thai food and she will even teach you her tricks of the trade. The luxuries of a pool and Wi-Fi throughout the complex came in handy. Throughout the week and on the weekends, Pooh and Robert take you all over the place to visit temples, go shopping in the markets and get a real taste of Thai culture. I taught English in the local school during my stay. It was an amazing experience and the students and teachers are truly delightful people. You have to like fruit though as the teachers never stop peeling/cutting it for you (haha), though with the hot weather you really do need the sugar to keep your energy levels up. I would truly recommend this program to anyone who wants a cultural experience, helping children who otherwise wouldn't have the opportunity to learn English. I can't wait to return next year for another couple of weeks. The hospitality of these people is truly phenomenal. Great value for money but more importantly a really humbling and life-changing experience. Thank you for everything :)