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Organization Review

Overall Experience: 
I have to thank ARUDEVO for many great moments. The whole team is working so hard to make progress in supporting the rural communities in the Lwengo District. I have stayed with ARUDEVO several times now and I am already planning to come back again for conducting new project next year. Although ARUDEVO is a rather young and small NGO, this is what most volunteers are looking for. Totally friendly and warm-hearted inhabitants, a totally different culture in rural Uganda, a well-organized team led by Moses and the feeling that your volunteer work really matters by making a difference. I already expienced lots of progress through the project that I was involved in during my stays, but still there are so many problems that need to be worked on. ARUDEVO´s approach is help for self-help. First the Lwengo people are asked to define their problems, then ARUDEVO tries to work out solutions by training the locals and through sharing knowledge from professionals and volunteers such as I was. The accommodation has always been clean and safe. I can totally recommend staying with ARUDEVO, you won´t regret it if you want to combine the true "African Culture" with charity work and new friendships.