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Organization Review

Overall Experience: 
Hello !! I just spent 3 weeks in Possible Nepal. That was such an amazing experience. This is a small orphenage, with barely 10 kids (between 5 and 13 years old) ! Due to it, I could build real relation-ships with almost all the children, that was lovely. Basically, my work consisted in helping the children doing their homework: in the morning before they go to school (yes they work before school !!) and mostly in the evening after school. I played with them also, they had like a "rest time" before starting working after school, and those were the moments I preferred because we could really start to know each other. The place is cute, I had a nice bedroom upstairs that I shared with another volunteer. I am really happy that I could go to their school to teach english in the morning, otherwise I think I would have been boring during the day-time because the children of the orphenage are at school. It was plus a real chance to discover how a nepali school works. Possible Nepal is new so that is for the moment quite unknown, but all I can say is do not hesitate to join them because the children are amazing kids, it worths it !!!