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Organization Review

Overall Experience: 
Hey!! My name is Gary i am 19 years old and i'm from Paris, France. I am studying law in the university of Paris, but when i'm not studying I enjoy playing tennis and soccer with my friends. I also adore traveling around the world to discover new languages, cultures, food, lifestyles and of course people. This is part of why i decided to come to Vietnam and join Touch The World organization for a month! My friend Thomas (an other teacher of TTW) and I were looking for a teaching english experience in Vietnam on the internet and that's how we found out about TTW. We directly loved the atmosphere of this organization that we saw on the web site and we could hoped for anything better by the time we arrived here. I truly enjoy my time here, not only because i bring joy and knowledge to my students during my classes but also thanks to the amazing experience that this month represents to me. Indeed, i'm spend time sharing about my country to my students but they do too and I learned a lot about Vietnam culture from the local people which would not have been possible if I was only here as a tourist. I also met so many great people from all around the world (Phillipines, India, Ireland, Germany, England) who are now my friends. After this month of teaching english, i will go back to Paris, where i will work in a restaurent to make some money. I will never forget all the people i met here, and this month of volunteering will be forever in my heart. Gary Rozental