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Organization Review

Overall Experience: 
The Global Forum For Development (GLOFORD) Uganda offers volunteers the ability to grow their professional skills while contributing to the important mission of sustainable development for the Lango sub-region of Uganda. Based in the same compound as the Lango NGO Forum, GLOFORD's experienced leadership and their long-standing relationships with development leaders throughout Uganda offer great insight into how civil society can contribute to improved governance and government accountability, public health, and livelihood opportunities for Ugandans. I spent three months as a volunteer, applying my skills in research, data analysis, and analytical and persuasive writing to help the organization obtain three grants from national and international donors. I learned how to navigate challenging local, national, and international politics, cultural differences, and new systems of planning, monitoring, evaluating, and reporting on projects with hundreds of participants. I became comfortable enough with my ability to help grow the capacity of the organization that I am now a contributing member of the GLOFORD Board of the Directors, where my focus remains on capacity building of both the organization and its staff. I recommend volunteering with this organization if you have your bachelors (undergraduate university) degree and interest in post-conflict international development, or are pursuing your bachelors degree and have related volunteer experience. You must also have strong English writing skills, cross-cultural communication abilities, and a determined work ethic.