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Organization Review

Overall Experience: 
ARUDEVO does extraordinary good work in Lwengo District. Moses and his team is well structured and the Ugandan people in general, the Lwengo inhabitants in particular, are so warm-hearted and friendly. I stayed with ARUDEVO three times now and every time it was like visiting my "second" home. Although there are so many problems at many locations of the Lwengo District (e.g. insufficient health supply, drought, no clean drinking water, nearly non-existing food safety), the people seem to be happy and are supporting the work of ARUDEVO and its volunteers exceptionally. I always felt safe. The food and water was safe as well and with the usual precautions (malaria prophelaxis/wash it, peel it, boil it or leave it!). They have some clean places/beds to stay at if you volunteer at ARUDEVO. I can fully recommend it and will be visiting ARUDEVO again and again in the next years. Feel free to contact me if you are having any doubts or questions. You can also find ARUDEVO at