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Organization Review

Overall Experience: 
I volunteered with Mothers Unite from January - March 2012 while on a student exchange program through my University. For not knowing what I wanted to get out of my time in Cape Town, Mothers Unite was an incredible experience. While I felt useful and was kept busy with gardening, cooking, helping with the kids, setting up computers, organizing the library and helping to build a new building on the premises, being at Mothers Unite was really about spending time with the incredible women that run the organization. As someone who has always been too aware of being a woman and the discrimination that that still brings today, being around the incredible women who run Mothers Unite was an invaluable opportunity. If you are a girl looking to be inspired by all that women can do or if you are a boy looking to see how a small group of people can make a huge impact in an incredibly difficult environment, Mothers Unite is definitely the place for you. You'll walk away with long-lasting inspiration, optimism and respect for the value of friends and family, which is how they treat their volunteers.