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Organization Review

Overall Experience: 
Phenomenal experience working with CWF. This was my first overseas volunteer experience. They helped me get settled in to Phnom Penh, showed us around, gave us a tour of some of the more rural locations in Cambodia. They also gave us significant teaching training to assist us with our time in-classroom. This was very helpful, as this was also my first time teaching an English class. We had 3 or 4 days of training before the class started, and then workshops were available throughout the semester if you wanted to sharpen your teaching skills even further. I loved my time with CWF. I met excellent people, both the CWF staff and the other volunteer teachers were great fun. The students were great as well. I found them to be highly engaged, and very appreciative of the opportunity to practice their English with me. I had lots of time outside of class to explore Phnom Penh, hit the gym and try the numerous restaurants in the Russian Market area. This was a great first teaching experience for me. I highly recommend it!