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Organization Review

Overall Experience: 
I'm pleased to give me review and understandably very proud to be the part of Touch The World (TTW) project which had been continuously working for the well being of the society. Before coming to TTW, I applied for volunteering project in Brazil and Germany but I have choosed Vietnam and came here in the aromatic environment of Touch The World where everyone is so energetic and has inspirational personality in many terms. A brief persual of my review would clearly indicate the high level of service and kindness provided by the TTW. This doesn't happen by chance and after the successful to years of great efforts by the administration and the very responsible founder like Ms. Mai and kind director like Ms. Vic and other members who are instilled with the overall ethos of the organisation. I couldn't express my experience in words I have gathered here because moreover they are emotions. All my experience was so good which open up me in very diverse way. I appreciate and acknowledge all the efforts of TTW for making society beautiful through education. Afterall I would prefer to say that I have found another family and I'll come back to my family again. Thank you TOUCH THE WORLD.