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Organization Review

Overall Experience: 
My time at Where Rainbows Meet was one of the best experience I had in my life! I spent my time with the kids of the Selwyn ECD. It was such a pleasure to come in and see all these smiling faces happy to see you and play with you. These kids bring you so much... much more than what you think you will receive. They have almost nothing materially but they give you all the love they have. They need attention, love and caring. They smile when you play with them or take care of them. I never felt it was a hard work because it was all worth it when at the end you see all these smiles. Since my volunteer work, I came back many times to Cape town, visiting Where Rainbows Meet and seeing all the work and changes they are doing... It is so impressive everything they have done in 2 years... every single day they improve. Mymoena, the director, the national volunteers and the international volunteers are the pillars of this organization. It is a place where there are many things still to be done but improvement can be seen everyday. This organization is essential to Vrygrond community today. Congratulations to Where rainbows Meet!!! If you believe in these sentences: Where there is potential we will raise. Together we can make a bigger difference. Then Where Rainbows Meet is the best place for you!