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VolunteerAlliance.org will close at the end of March 2019 - Volunteer with Omprakash.org instead!

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Organization Review

Overall Experience: 
Philisa Abafazi Bethu is one of these amazing organizations which make a major difference and which improve the everyday life of the community they are working in. Lucinda, who created that organization, is one of the most inspiring women I have ever met. She is passionate, strong, brave, determined, clever, kind, devoted to the people in Lavender Hill. Looking at what she has done and at what she is doing everyday makes you realize that yes, everything is possible when you try it hard enough. She is the kind of person who makes her dreams come true, and who tries everything for the wellbeing of the needy. She dedicates her whole existence to people in need in Lavender Hill, who trust and love her organization. Looking at what the organization has accomplished in that area still amazes me. The current projects are constantly improving, and new ones are regularly created. A safe house for children and women, an after-school program and a camp for children, a vegetables garden. Working with this organization is really challenging and rewarding, because it manages to bring happiness, hope, confidence and strength to children and women, and contributes to a better life for everyone in the area. Wonderful people are committed to the organization Philisa Abafazi Bethu, and everyone I met there was truly nice, welcoming and committed to the children. The children in Lavender Hill are the most fantastic ones I have ever met. They are clever, funny, welcoming, affectionate and so unique. I have never received so much affection as I did there. Moreover, they are so talented; Ellie Lonsdale, a British volunteer, organized an incredible concert with them, and I will never forget it! They sang, danced, had fun. When I left Cape Town, I kept hearing the songs they were singing and I could not stop seeing their smiles. If you choose to volunteer with this organization, every second you will spend there will be intense, meaningful and fulfilling.