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VolunteerAlliance.org will close at the end of March 2019 - Volunteer with Omprakash.org instead!

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usually Christopher Brown, but just make up a name Title - my first day of teaching english in the Galapagos Today was my first day teaching English at one of the local schools in Puerto Villamil. I am very excited that I get to teach English on top of already volunteering at the Tortoise Breeding Center. I hope to volunteer for the Peace Corps after college, preferably teaching English in a non-English speaking country, so I hope that this experience will better prepare me for the future. I assisted Doris today, a Spanish-speaking English teacher. Doris bounces between a few different grades, teaching English lessons ranging from forty to eighty minutes long in each class. This morning, Doris and I taught a class of seventh graders, roughly ten to eleven year old kids. Something I have noticed is that the school system here advances children more quickly then back in the United States. I do not believe this has anything to do with the actual intelligence level of the students. Rather, I think this practice is contributing to the poorer quality of education the locals of Puerto Villamil receive in comparison to the education mainland students receive in Ecuador. During the beginning of class Doris taught alongside of me, instructing me how to execute the English lessons and what type of responses I should expect to get from the students. However, after roughly twenty minute of teaching, out of the eighty minutes spent teaching the class, Doris walked to the back of the classroom and let me take over the morning’s English lesson. The best part was that I was not intimidated, the students were fantastic, and I had a really fun time teaching English. The lesson went well, and I do believe that I was able to teach the students a few essential English terms and phrases. Of course, every class has a few students that don’t care or don’t pay attention, but I made a point to have everyone student participate in the lesson, and I gave some of the brighter students some more challenging work to complete while I continued teaching the rest of the class. Overall, it was a fantastic morning and I cannot wait to go back to the school next Tuesday.