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VolunteerAlliance.org will close at the end of March 2019 - Volunteer with Omprakash.org instead!

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Volunteer Review

Overall Experience: 
It was great to host Yinghong Yang, she is a very energetic and lively spirit, we both were very excited and happy since the moment we met when I was picking her up from the airport. Ying was applying to help us in Charisma Arts foundation marketing our Egyptian handmade items, made by needy hands and open international markets for us.. Among the lovely positive points, we learned a lot from this experience, because by coincidence it was the first time for her to volunteer and also the first time for us to host a volunteer! so it was a learning experience for both of us, I'm not rating her (4), I would rate her (6), but I'm rating the experience itself. Ying was easy going, didn't object or have special requirements about the food r accommodation, we did our best to make her experience in Egypt a nice one, but few things we couldn't help, like the hot weather in July! From the learning points, we should have worked together more on making a program and target and schedule BEFORE her arrival, but despite f our long connection and intrduction online ,we were waiting for her to come to create it together, also we had some problems with office internet connections which made us have fun and food working in mac and co working spaces! - some cultural differences caused misunderstandings, but for our loving open spirits we overcomed them, Ying helped as much as she could, she even took pictures of the items when she didn't find good resolution pics of the items. it is true we didn't actually get any orders, yet she did her best. Charisma Arts foundation was homered t have her, I hope she enjoyed her time in Egypt, we had great times trying the delicious Egyptian food, going to markets, visited Alexandria and ate fish there and swam together, had many nice Cairo nights going outs, let her enjoy some time in tourism for a couple f weeks as well to visit the marvelous temples in Luxor City in a Nile Cruise.. I couldn't say no, as she was such a lovely person..and I knew it was a big chance for her, I hope that gave her a lifetime memories I hope really we can have be reunited and to host her again in the future (she promised to come back) ... Ying made many friends all around Egypt... and will be always more than welcomed t come back any time as we were all in tears with her departure and consider her a part of Charisma Arts family.. and our first International volunteer