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Organization Review

Overall Experience: 
I got to know this organization when I came to Ghana the first time. I was really inspired by the work they do, so I went back to Ghana to volunteer with SCEF. I now was there already 3 times. The work they do is great! You can see how your work has an effect on the childrens lives. During my different stays with SCEF, I also worked in different areas. I was working directly with the children, helping them reading, with their homework and doing arts etc., then I was also working in the Fundraising Department to raise funds for the children and the projects SCEF does. There are many really good projects going on and I higly recommend SCEF for volunteering! You can have an impact in the lives of the street children in Accra and help them in their education. Also the Team working at SCEF is really fun, the people are super nice and Ghana itself is a really cool country. I had such a great time the 3 times I was there and I'm looking forward to volunteer again with SCEF!