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Organization Review

Overall Experience: 
During the past years I have been traveling a lot. People often ask me about my most valuable memories from my travelling experience. My greatest adventure didn’t involve fancy hotels or extraordinary nature, but simple meeting local people trying so hard to help those in need. I did a 6 weeks’ health care programme through Shiddat Foundation Charitable Society back in 2013, and even thought I have been travelling a lot since, my work and homestay in Faridabad are the experiences most important to me. India is the perfect destination if you sick a culture and environment completely different from your own, however, it can also be challenging sometimes. In my host family I found an openhearted home with room for diversity. They taught me hospitality in a way that I have never seen before, and I am Dr. Sameer and his family forever thankful. The people I met at my journey were the most energetic unselfish human beings I have ever met, spending their entire spar time fighting for the extreme social inequality India is facing. I highly recommend for anyone who considers going abroad to join a programme through Shiddat Foundation. It is definitely worth the time and trouble, and most of all it is an investment in your personal development. From my heart I thank Dr. Sameer and his family for hosting me and my friends. They will forever have a special place in my heart.