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Organization Review

Overall Experience: 
Where Rainbows Meet is a fantastic organisation working in Vrygrond, Cape Town. Vrygrond is a extremely disadvantaged informal settlement. In this community, Where Rainbows Meet is well respected because of the fantastic work they do. As a result I felt very safe within the project. The organisation offers so many different programs that there is always work to do. Day to day I played with the kids and helped to organise the (many) different events that they run. The team who run the organisation are very open to new ideas, so you are encouraged to think independently and to develop new training and development programs that can support the community. I stayed with the director of the organisation. The house was in a nice, simple suburb down the road from Vrygrond. It is very safe. The family is welcoming and I felt at home within a few hours. They also are happy to transport you into town and take you on tours to the top tourist attractions. I would recommend this organisation to anyone!