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Organization Review

Overall Experience: 
I loved volunteering with EcoSwell. I was made to feel very at home, and engaged in what EcoSwell is doing. I had my own specific project to carry out on a sanitation feasibility and design study. The guys running EcoSwell were really helpful in finding the right people to talk to and supporting me when my Spanish wasn't quite good enough. I was also able to get involved in supporting some of their other projects and going along to community events. I achieved a great deal in the three months I was there, and would love to go back! I was there for three months, and in this time they kindly lent me a surfboard, and took me surfing. Once i was comfortable, i just went out on my own which was also great. We also went out fishing with one of the local fishermen, and took a few trips to nearby wildlife hot-spots. Lobitos is an incredible little town/village with some great food, incredible surf and lovely locals who are always willing to show you something new. I highly recommend volunteering with EcoSwell. Enjoy!