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Organization Review

Overall Experience: 
I LOVED my experience at White Orange Youth. I was very quickly accepted into the community and briefed on what the organization was currently working on and how I can contribute. I traveled to Tanzania in December, 2007 and was able to contribute to activities for World AIDS Day and marched the streets alongside the community. I also got to do a variety of tasks which got me out into the community, allowing me to become immersed in my different parts of Moshi and the surrounding area. Because of many of WOY's local volunteer were not computer-literate, I got to train local volunteers in e-mail use and internet searches, and then use my own computer literacy to search for funding opportunities, ideas, and more. Sometimes, I felt I would have been more helpful if I had known the local language, Swahili, because much of the target population does not speak English. But by communicating with WOY the staff, I was able to put my computer and English skills to use by teaching computers and English to local volunteers, and the target population, therefore leaving my mark and empowering the community with increased knowledge. I have stayed in touch with John for almost 10 years, and I continue to admire his dedication, professionalism and kindness. He continues to think of ideas to advance WOY's mission, and is now expanding his vision to a more rural area of Kilimanjaro, Boma N'gombe, where the organization has so much potential to make a huge difference. From my experience at WOY, I have created multiple life-long friendships and am so honored to have worked alongside such humble and wonderful people.