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Organization Review

Overall Experience: 
I had a fantastic experience volunteering at Life with a Purpose last year (July - September 2017). The organisation is doing interesting and valuable work in the community and I was taken to see some of the work in action including meeting young people learning to be mechanics at a local garage, hearing local residents explaining the benefits of safer and healthier cooking stoves in a local village and participating in a women's microfinance group meeting. I was also taken to a meeting of local village leaders to discuss issues with a local school which I found really valuable. The CEO and his family were really friendly and welcoming and I was a guest in their house during the project. The project I was working on was to develop financial systems for the organisation and train the finance team to use them. The finance team were eager and receptive and provided support and useful information about how the organisation worked and their vision for the future. When not working, they were kind enough to take me on visits to familiarise me with Malawi and Malawian culture, for example, we went to the local church, weddings, the markets and the local wildlife centre in the Capital and Lake Malawi. I was also welcomed into the Lumbadzi community, I had the opportunity to meet and learn from lots of people, learn a bit of Chichewa and make friends with the kids! When I left Malawi, the CEO's family threw me an amazing leaving party and presentation. I would highly recommend volunteering with Life With a Purpose!