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Organization Review

Overall Experience: 
Ann My volunteer to Ghana was one of the best ever trip i have ever made in my life. People there are very friendly, great hospitality I can honestly say that this to see so many of them leave during my stay, I'm great full for their impact in my life, each volunteering experience has been the best experience of my life. I went to Ghana with Samba Africa Voluntary Org and expecting so much that was proved wrong from day one, in ways more good than bad. I made so many great friends that will last me a lifetime, and although it was sad and every one of them taught me so much not only about life, but about myself. I have learnt so much its unbelievable and experienced things that can't possibly be explained. But most of all, I'm taking home memories I will never forget, memories to look back on and smile, laugh and cry. Smile because of the all the joy it has bought into my life, laugh because of all the good times shared with one another, and cry, because of the sadness of leaving it all behind. Thank you to everyone who has been on this unforgettable adventure with me, and making it hands down the trip of a lifetime!